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An extraterrestrial blend of heavy metal, modern blues, mixed with a strong dose of rock, some grunge and acoustic instrumentals

Greetings loyal followers!

Pat Powell here...All of you, without a doubt, infect me with enthusiasm that wouldn’t be there without your tireless yet creative angst and rebellion. I FEEL that!!! Without your fearless support, the defense of the free world would be in serious jeopardy. But fear not. Alien Beagle, as promised, is more than up to the task! Because of your ardent and fearless support, the final battle for the freedom of Earth is about to commence. The stakes are high. This is not just for the defense of Tokyo (or the rest of Japan), but for the ENTIRE FREE WORLD! Much respect and admiration is aimed at the Earth’s tenacious population including all of Asia as well. Godzilla is a global menace spreading anarchy at will. He MUST be thwarted and the time is upon us.

So with this in mind, I offer the most glorious battle song Alien Beagle can muster "Godzilla vs. Alien Beagle". Please please please check it out, pass it along, enlist and share the vision. The free world depends on us!

Imagine traveling on a spaceship, with a pet beagle at your side on a seek and understand mission into the unknown. Pat Powell's music is the bold sound of shouted questions and secrets uncovered in that safari through space. Get on board for a way out ride with this original musician and his mascot sniffing out cool music ideas and alien conspiracies alike. Pat Powell is a songwriter/musician working in South Florida, who writes, records and performs his own music.

Music and lyrics by Pat Powell. Produced by Pat Powell. Drums and percussion by Douglas Arendas.

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