Alien Beagle

Pat Powell

Songwriter, Producer, Guitars, Vocals, Bass and Drum Programming

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Hailing from Miami, FL,  Alien Beagle is the brain child of musician Pat Powell. Taking a page from Trent Reznor’s playbook, Powell writes,plays and produces all of the music himself. “The Beagle Has Landed” is Alien Beagle’s first compiled release following the release of single “Hole In the Moon” in 2013.

While Alien Beagle can be called an industrial metal act with it’s blend of heavy rock instrumentation and electronics, the album is more centered around guitar grooves and bluesy solos with the electronics acting more as icing on the cake. This focus puts Alien Beagle more in the realm of bands like Alice In Chains and Filter rather than Ministry and Nine Inch Nails. Also contrasting with most industrial acts is Powell’s melodic vocal style. Rather than the growls and shouts of a lot of industrial rock, Powell sings with a distinct, high vibrato that echos AIC’s Layne Staley and Faith No More’s Mike Patton.

Lyrically “The Beagle Has Landed” revolves around science fiction with songs detailing government conspiracies and aliens among other topics. “Burning Fire” opens the album with a headbanging guitar riff that leads into a more melodic chorus and is one of the few non sci-fi themed songs of the EP.  Lead single and favorite track “Hole In the Moon” is one of the slower songs to be found and features an ear worm of a chorus set between chugging groove metal riffs.”Abduction Limbo” is a melodic and driving track that has a more upbeat feel than most of the album’s songs. “My Planet X” is the most aggressive offering and puts Pat Powell’s lead guitar ability on full display. “Caught In The Light” is a live instrumental that foregoes metal distortion for more progressive style ambient instrumentation.

This first taste of Pat Powell’s Alien Beagle project shows a lot of promise with its unique blend of blues, grunge, and industrial. An accessible and melodic offering that can still appease the hard rock and metal crowd, Powell has found a firm place among a genre that’s known for it’s innovation and creativity. With south Florida’s reputation for metal talent, Powell has a stomping ground to flourish upon his future releases. 

Favorite Track: “Hole In The Moon”

For Fans Of: Alice In Chains, Helmet, Filter, Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Grunge, Industrial Metal, Science Fiction

Pat Powell is a songwriter/musician working in South Florida, who writes, records and performs his own music. He describes his style as "an extraterrestrial blend of heavy metal, modern blues, mixed with a strong dose of rock, some grunge. This is coupled with acoustic instrumentals and songs flavored with elements of pop and folk..." When asked how he became the artist he is today, Powell says it is a result of much practice and dedication, inspired by life, astronomy, science fiction, and many great rock musicians he grew up listening to as well as jazz, fusion and even some classical music. All of these influences contributed to his own striking musical blend.